The Narcissist Stops Giving : What's Going On?

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Whether you recognise you are ensnared with a narcissist, suspect you may be or doubt it, understanding that person’s behaviours with regard to the giving of gifts is useful. Not only will it enable you to identify a key indicator of the behaviour of the narcissist, but it will enable you to understand why the individual is behaving in this way. You will make sense of the nonsense and with that comes relief from confusion and anxiety.

This material explains

What is behind the gift buying pattern of the narcissist

Why this is a indicator exclusive to narcissists

Explains the contrast with the gift buying behaviour of non-narcissists so you can make a comparison

What factors impact on the behaviour in terms of the school of narcissist, cadre of narcissist and position in the fuel matrix of the victim

What the narcissist is seeking to achieve through this and what you can learn from it

Examples of what to expect from Greater, Mid Range and Lesser Narcissists

Examples of what to expect from the Elite, Somatic, Cerebral and Victim Narcissists

Even if you are not specifically interested in gift buying, if you want to learn more about the school and cadre of narcissists generally, then make use of this material as part of building your library knowledge.

Using HG Tudor´s unrivalled insight, gain information and understanding behind the curtain of narcissism.

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The Narcissist Stops Giving : What's Going On?

6 ratings
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